Our Karts

Our karts are designed for fun in mind but without jeopardizing the thrills and excitement of Karting! These karts are designed for the novice and experienced alike.

We offer three types of karts. Double karts for those who are not quite tall enough to drive alone but want to experience Karting with an adult. Novice karts for those just learning about the Karting experience. And adult karts for fast thrills.

All of our karts have your safety in mind, they are designed with impact barriers, 4-point seat belts, head restraints, padded steering wheels, and large colour coded pedals.

Our Track

We designed our go kart track to thrill all levels of drivers and experience. A tightly configured 9 turn track with fast straights that will challenge even the most experienced drivers but still accommodate those first time garters with reduced speeds.

Our karting track is located indoors and operates year round so weather is never an issue. With great lighting and awesome track marshals we will fulfill all your karting needs!


How old do you need to be to drive a Go-Kart?
Go-Karting is based on height, drivers need to be able to fully engage the gas and break, so usually ages 9 or 10 are tall enough to drive! 54 inches is a good estimate for measurement though, and remember, we have Double Go-Karts as well! So Go-Karting at the Funderdome is possible for children ages 3+ as they can ride as a passenger free of charge!
Where are you located?
Our indoor entertainment centre is located at 2 Corisande Dr. in Mount Pearl. It’s on the edge of Donovan’s Industrial Park next to Fun & Fast. You’ll see La Cie Canada Tire at the front of our building, and the FUNDERDOME entrance is at the back of this building!
Do you guys do PARTIES?
We specialize in parties!! We have Adult Packages and Youth Packages or we can customize for any size group!

For Corporate events, stag parties, holiday events and adult birthday parties our Bar, the Xlerate Lounge, is a great addition and home base for your event. For small groups choose a PER PERSON priced package.. We can also accommodate huge groups like 500+ for Safe Grads or weddings. See our party packages for more information or call us anytime! (709)368-4444

How long is a Session of Go-Karting?
A session of Go-Karting is 10 minutes and averages 30 laps depending on skill and abilities
How much does it cost to Go-Karting?
A session of Go-Karting is $15, but if you are purchasing 4 or more sessions the price reduces as low as $12 per session

Rules & Safety

1. Go-Karting is meant to be challenging and fun, No Bumping or losing control allows everyone to focus on getting the best Lap Times! The MyLaps system is timing your every lap.

2. The Caution Flag is an important one, it’s a yellow flag that signals drivers to reduce speed for the safety of all drivers. Once the Green Flag waves, you’re free to increase your speed and carry on!

3. The Checkered Flag signals you’ve passed the finish line! You’re now on your last lap, please reduce your speed and prepare to carefully cross the bridge and into pit row safely.

4. A pointed Black Flag is a warning as you’ve lost control. Simply gain control and continue to drive cleanly for the Win!

5. Green is GO, Red is Stop and Yellow is slow down please. And Lastly, don’t press the gas and the break at the same time and HAVE FUN!


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Where To Find Us

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2 Corisande Dr.
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